What did they say?


They say

We are very grateful to all those who have replied to our survey and especially to those who sent their suggestions and constructive criticisms: these are extremely important to us and we will do our very best to address all of them!


What did they say?


“Overall the 53rd ERA-EDTA was EXCELLENT”.


“Participants should also be "scanned" when entering the poster area. Seeing the Posters and discussing with presenters and colleagues is also an important form of continuous education and, therefore, credits should be given to this form of CME.”


“Let be the best. My Greetings”.


“Suggest the facility to visualize the live lecture on my tablet through the Congress App and provide more grants to developing countries”.


“Great opportunity for catching up current research topics”.


“The poster session was really too short (1 hour) to be able to see more than 700 posters ! On Monday it was scheduled at the same time as the general assembly. To my opinion posters sessions are good occasions to discuss with people. They should not be neglected”.


“Great Congress. Congratulations to the Congress President”.


“E-points/ App/E-material are a great idea but confusing and not well explained for non experts”.


“The congress provides great impression. I want to thank organizers for a nice meeting and possibility to meet colleagues”.


final programme "day by day" - may 21 - 24, 2016