ERA-EDTA and Shire as a sponsor offer a series of digital services.

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E-materials service

E-materials Service

What are E-materials?

E-materials are the slide and webcast presentations of the 2016 ERA-EDTA scientific program and the industry symposia that speakers made available for ERA-EDTA Congress members and members.

Access materials for at one year via your own account:

1. Go to: www.e-materials.com/era-edta2016
2. Enter your individual six digit badge number and create your E-materials account with username and password.
If you already have an E-materials account from previous years login to your account with your existing username and password. If you forgot your password you can request a new one.
3. Check available presentations in ‘Materials’ and add the ones you are interested into your ‘Library’.
4. View and download materials in your Library. Send questions and comments to speakers, rate the presentations and give feedback.

Access to materials requires e-points. The guidelines are:

• Access to one presentation = one e-point
• ERA-EDTA Member attending the Congress have unlimited access and are exempt from e-points
• Presentations from attended sessions are e-points free.
• Each presentation from sessions you couldn’t attend cost 1 e-point.
• Every registered Congress member receives 15 e-points as a baseline
• Congress members can earn additional e-points by completing certain activities

E-point table

ERA-EDTA Member attending the Congress  exempt from e-points
Registered Congress members
of ERA-EDTA 2016  
15 e-points
Create your E-materials 2016 account        5 e-points
Create your E-materials account before the Congress  2 e-points
Download and log into the congress app 3 e-points
Visit the ERA-EDTA booth 1 e-points
Complete the ERA-EDA ASQ survey   3 e-points
Visit the ERA-EDTA 2017 Madrid booth 1 e-point

How can you ensure that your session attendance for free e-points is correctly recorded?

Get your badge scanned when entering the lecture room or swipe your SMART card at one of the e-readers located in the lecture halls when you leave the room. If a card is swiped for more than two parallel sessions only the last two sessions are logged in as having been attended.

To download an E-materials summary in PDF format please click here.


Congress App

Congress App – your congress assistant at your fingertips

Download the ERA-EDTA app before you reach the congress center. Search for “ERA-EDTA 2016” on the Apple or Google Play stores.

What does the congress app provide?
Session and Symposium details
  - Time
  - Location
  - Presentations and Speakers
  - Availability of E-material
  - Status of consent of speaker to receive questions or comments
  - Status if you added a session to your timeline
  - E-point cost based on session attendance
  - Window for notes
Advanced filter to search for sessions
Poster details
Speaker’s details
Exhibitor’s information
E-materials module to instantly access materials – in sync with the E-materials website. This shows also your e-point status.
Automatic E-materials log-in if you already have an E-materials account otherwise register in two easy steps. You will need a badge number to use the E-materials service.
Module to ask speakers questions or leave comments during and after the congress
Access to the ERA-EDTA 2016 Twitter feed
Congress Centre and Exhibition hall maps
Host city and other useful information


Digital Service Area

Digital Service Area

Do you need any help with the digital services and your congress materials?
Visit our Digital Service Area.

Our teams provide the following services:

• Assisted iPad Pro stations to fast log in to your E-materials account or to create one using your smart card
• PC stations to reviewing your E-materials and session attendance status
• Selecting materials of sessions you missed
• Help in managing your e-points
• Assisting in how to leave a message for a speaker
• Help with the Congress app
• Wi-Fi support
• Phone charging facilities
• Meeting areas
• Barista Coffee Bar

Come and visit us. You can find us in Foyer D on Level -2.


How to best prepare and use the digital services

How to best prepare and use the digital services prior, during and post Congress?


• Set up your E-material account before the congress at www.e-materials.com/era-edta2016
• Download the congress app before the congress (search for ERA-EDTA2016 at the Google Play or Apple Store)
• Build your session itinerary


• Use the app to navigate through the Congress
• Get scanned when you enter a session room or swipe your smart card at the readers
• During the session use the congress app to take notes, write questions or comments to the speakers, rate presentations and review your materials.
• Visit the Digital Service Area to review your materials, add missed sessions to your Library, check your e-point status, charge your phone, meet peers and friends and enjoy our coffee.
• Complete a few selected activities to add some e-points to your account
• Become an ERA-EDTA member to enjoy a large number of benefits – e.g. be exempt from e-points and have unlimited access to materials.
• Have all the Materials you need in your Library when you leave the congress which saves you time when you are back at work.

Post Congress

• Access your account and review your selected content at anytime
• Send questions, comments or requests to speakers and continue the scientific exchange
• Invite peers to also join the platform as guests. Guests can access a limited amount of presentations.

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