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Industry Symposia are commercially supported educational activities held during the 53rd ERA-EDTA Congress; they are open to delegates and exhibitors to attend.

Who can organize them
Industry symposia may be supported only by exhibiting companies. Organizers of an industry symposium will be charged a fee.

The Industry Symposia will be organized during following time slots:

May 21, Saturday:
12.15-13.15 up to 2 parallel mini-symposia - 60 minutes gross
May 22, Sunday:
06.45-07.45 up to 2 parallel symposia - 60 minutes net
13.30-15.00 max 8 parallel symposia - 90 minutes net of which 60 minutes net of scientific program
18.45-19.45 up to 2 parallel symposia - 60 minutes net
May 23, Monday:
06.45-07.45 up to 2 parallel symposia - 60 minutes net
13.30-15.00 max 8 parallel symposia - 90 minutes net of which 60 minutes net of scientific program
18.45-19.45 up to 2 parallel symposia - 60 minutes net
May 24, Tuesday:
12.15-13.15 up to 2 parallel mini-symposia - 60 minutes gross

The scientific part of the Lunch Industry Symposium is limited to 60 minutes; if the slot is longer about 30 minutes are left for walk-in and for the Industry to provide catering, if programmed.



The rates are based on the capacity of the requested/confirmed room(s):
Breakfast symposia
Lunch symposia
MiniLunch symposia
Dinner symposia
May 22-23
May 22-23
May 21 & 24
May 22-23
Room for 1,000/1,400 people
not available
€ 40.000,00
not available
not available
Rooms for 600/800 people
not available
€ 35.000,00
not available
not available
Rooms for 400 people
not available
€ 30.000,00
€ 17.500,00
€ 20.000,00
Rooms for 200 people € 15.000,00 € 25.000,00 € 12.500,00 € 17.500,00
Rates subject to VAT if applicable.

The rates include:
• Rental fee of the room with standard a/v equipments and technical assistance;
• Publication of the symposium programme in the Final Programme and in the website;
• Double-page advertisement in the Industry Symposia Booklet (artwork production costs not included);
• Two poster boards and a literature rack available directly at the Congress Venue for the day of the Symposium only (posters and flyers printing at your charge);
• Use of the congress logo on your invitation and promotional documents.

• Connect to an overflow room or a private lounge to increase your audience: ask for a cost estimation!
• E-Material Service: allow up to 8,000 people to receive the full content of your symposium and to enhance your education performances: ask for a cost estimation!

Travel & living of the Industry Symposium Faculty
Travels and accommodation should be taken care by the Company and any agreement must be reached directly with the Speakers. If your Speakers/Chairpersons are part of the Congress Faculty as well, they can be offered accommodation at the Congress Headquarters Hotels, ERA-Eurocongress Ltd will send you the estimation of accommodation costs, and the amount will be invoiced after the congress.

Catering service is not included in the fees.

The Final Programme and the Industry Symposia Booklet will be printed by the ERA-EDTA Congress Office and included in the congress bags.


Proposals - First submission

The proposals - first submission / Form C - to be sent to the ERA-EDTA Industry Coordinator by November 10, 2015. The first submission should include the main topic(s) of the symposium, the preferred dates and symposium type together with the expected participants.


Proposals - Second Application 

To the companies having sent the Form C by November 10, 2015, specific credentials will be e.mailed to access the online application where to upload the programme draft - including a short abstract - and the proposed chairpersons-speakers should be provided by December 11, 2015.
The Scientific Committee/SC will decide the dates, the symposium type (breakfast/lunch-minilunch/dinner) and the rooms of the symposia according to the submitted files (detailed program, rationale, abstract and speakers’ CV), trying to comply with the preferences marked and to avoid overlaps or interferences with the congress scientific programme.
The SC will carefully check the contents of the proposed symposia, thoroughly evaluate the programme draft, ask the company to provide further details and explanations when necessary, and can also request changes to be made, as well as make them a mandatory condition for acceptance.
The SC might reject submissions that do not comply with the above mentioned principles. The selection will be made on the basis of the scientific relevance perceived by evaluating the second application.

The SC will decide the date and room of the symposia (trying to comply with the preferences marked in the application form) according to their contents and to the risk of overlapping or interference with the congress scientific programme or with another parallel symposium.


Preliminary acceptance and day/room allocation 
Once the programme draft/preliminary has been evaluated by the SC, a confirmation letter will be sent by the ERA_EDTA Industry Coordinator with the exact confirmation of the day as well as the allocated room.


Final programme of the Industry Symposia 
The final programme should be uploaded by March 6, 2016, using the same online procedure of the second submission; the final titles, speakers and chairs have to be provided, using the online application. 


The Industry Symposia will be included in a special dedicated section of both the Final Programme and the website
The Industry Symposia Booklet will be printed by the ERA-EDTA Congress Office according to the Congress layout considering the artwork provided by the company within April 4, 2016 on a high resolution file (as in the past years at least 10 days before the deadline a low-resolution-artwork should be e-mailed for graphic/content check).
The Industry Symposia Booklet will be included in the congress bags and will also be available online at relevant section; furthermore a dedicated e-mail blast will be sent to all our database 14 days before the congress starts with the ISB link.
Two poster boards (90x120 cms/portrait) and a literature rack/shelf will be provided for each company that is organizing an industry symposium. The ERA-EDTA Congress Office will be in charge of displaying them in two different visible places of the congress center for which you will receive a detailed floor plan closer to congress dates. Companies are entitled to place their posters and flyers on display only on the day the symposium is held. Companies are allowed to place posters, self standing banners or sign boards just outside the hall not earlier than an hour before the start of the symposium; all of them must be immediately removed after the end of the symposium.
Hand outs of any kind, or signposting within the congress center, is strictly forbidden.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in the loss of points in the ranking list. 


The ERA-EDTA Congress Office is aware that companies involved in the organization of an industry symposium are unlikely to have confirmations from the speakers/chairpersons in the early stages. For this reason the ERA-EDTA Congress Office will accept the fact that speakers/chairpersons may change from the preliminary draft to the final programme; moreover it is guaranteed that all information contained in the programme drafts will be handled as strictly confidential.
Although the ERA-EDTA Congress Office understands that some speakers may have committed to participating in an industry symposium, please be aware that the policy does not permit a speaker to repeat lectures given during industry symposium. Furthermore there is a strict limitation of maximum one/1 talk and one/1 chair one person can give.
If the ERA-EDTA Congress Office finds out that a speaker/chairperson has an overlap of two parallel symposia, it will promptly inform both companies in order to solve the matter. 



For any information please contact:
Paolo Zavalloni               
ERA-EDTA Congress & Industry Manager           
Phone:  +39.345.4592758
Fax +39.051.309477